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Loan Features
Loan Amount
Loan Features

Min. Credit Score: 660

APR:3.49% - 19.99%

Term:24-84 months

Loan Amount:
Loan Features

Min. Credit Score: 500

APR:5.99% - 35.99%

Term:3-72 months

Loan Amount:
Loan Features

Min. Credit Score: 600

APR:8.05% - 25.89%

Term:36-60 months

Loan Amount:
Loan Features

Min. Credit Score: 480

APR:7.99% - 35.99%

Term:3-84 months

Loan Amount:
up to $50,000
Loan Features

Min. Credit Score: 500

APR:2.49% - 35.99%

Term:3-144 months

Loan Amount:

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Frequently ask questions people searching about loans with low interest rates:

  • What does APR mean?

    Let’s say you have an annual interest rate of 10.5% on a loan of $5,000 over 36 months, as well as $60 in fees. With a representative APR of 11.3%, and monthly repayments of $162.51, the total amount repaid would be $5,910.44.

  • What are the effects of personal loans on your credit score?

    Loans for personal use generally don't harm your credit score . The credit score can actually be improved by a personal loan as long as you make regular payments and pay within the loan's terms.

  • How to Consolidate Your Debt?

    If you are considering consolidating your debt, there are a couple of ways to go about it. Both of the methods listed below will concentrate your debt into one single payment ideally with a lower interest rate.

    • The first method to consolidate your debt is to get a balance-transfer credit card with a good intro promotional period. For example, many credit cards will give you 0% interest for the first year of purchases or balance transfers. You can take advantage of this to literally get your interest rate to 0% for a certain amount of time depending on the card you choose. The only downside of this is that you will need a solid credit score. Otherwise, this can be a great way to save a ton of money on your interest payments and reduce the number of bills you have into just one.
    • Another option you have to consolidate your debt is to get a debt consolidation loan. Essentially you would take out a personal loan and use this money to pay off all of your outstanding debt. At this point, you would be left with just a single personal loan to pay back with a fixed interest rate.
  • How does APR work? Are interest rates and APR the same thing?

    The interest rate charged on a personal loan is referred to as APR, or annual percentage rate. The APR numbers can differ, but they will always have a maximum of 35.99%. APRs usually range from 5% to 30% with online personal loan lenders. Different factors like credit score, income, and financial history will determine the APR of your loan. The quoted APR includes any related fees.

    You pay interest if you borrow money from an online lender. Since the APR includes all fees as well as the interest rate, the APR is an accurate representation of the cost of the personal loan.

  • Pros and Cons of Debt Consolidation

    As with everything in life, debt consolidation has both its pros and cons. Before considering debt consolidation, consider the following factors:


    Boost your credit score. Consolidating your debt can potentially improve your credit utilization ratio and can help you make more on-time payments.

    Fewer loans to keep track of. If you have multiple loans taken out it can become difficult to keep up with all of them. Consolidating your debt into one payment can help you keep track of all your debt within one payment.

    Better interest rates. Generally, credit cards can have high interest rates. If you can consolidate all of your debts into one loan with a good interest rate you can save a lot of money in the long run.


    Potential to incur fees. Depending on how you decide to consolidate your debt, you may have to pay some fees. These fees can be balance transfer fees, origination fees, or closing costs. Make sure to read the fine print and make sure consolidating your debt is truly worth it after considering fees.

    Could end up with a worse loan structure. Depending on what type of loans you have, simply consolidating them into one may come with a worse deal than you had before. If the interest rate is only slightly better or the same but you agree to a longer timeframe you could just end up paying more.

    Put assets at risk. If you decide to take out a secured loan using your house with a home equity loan or a HELOC, then you are risking your assets being seized. If you do not make your payments then this could cause you to lose your house.

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