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Loan Features
Loan Amount
Loan Features

Min. Credit Score: 600

APR:2.49% - 35.99%

Term:12-84 months

Loan Amount:
Loan Features

Min. Credit Score: 660

APR:3.49% - 19.99%

Term:24-84 months

Loan Amount:
Loan Features

Min. Credit Score: 580

APR:9.95% - 35.99%

Term:24-60 months

Loan Amount:
Loan Features

Min. Credit Score: 680

APR:5.99% - 18.85%

Term:24-84 months

Loan Amount:
Loan Features

Min. Credit Score: 670

APR:7.99% - 35.97%

Term:36-60 months

Loan Amount:

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Frequently ask questions people searching about best medical personal loans:

  • What is an emergency loan?

    Any personal loans that are used in situations where unexpected expenses are required are known as emergency loans. It could be someone requiring urgent medical attention or a vehicle breakdown. This type of loan has a very high interest rate. The period of disbursement for emergency loans varies depending upon the kind of loan. Sometimes these are available within few days, while some emergency loan lenders could release funds on the same day as approval, which is great for those who need it without delay.

  • How to build an emergency fund?

    You never know when emergencies might crop up, so you have to be prepared well in advance. That is why an emergency fund is a must; here are some steps to build one:

    • Go through your budget to check where you can make cuts. Try to minimize stuff like dining out or monthly subscriptions, so you can divert the extra cash towards an emergency fund.
    • Utilize any account that gives access to funds when you need them. A high-yield savings account doesn’t have as much return as investing in the stock market, but you also don't risk losing money.
    • Bank CDs generally pay a bit more interest as compared to high yield savings accounts. You can also set them up in such a way that every few months, one will reach maturity. . If you need to, you can also pay the early withdrawal penalty to access the money.
    • Why not automate your savings? It will help to keep some cash extra for emergencies at all times.
    • Set financial goals of having at least six months’ worth of expenses or six months’ worth of your salary saved up. If that isn’t possible immediately, set a specific number, like $1000, or a month’s worth of expenses, and then slowly build up.
    • If you require cash for emergencies, then access the fund for sure, but don’t forget to replenish when you can.

    Remember it is an emergency fund, so never use it for other expenses such going on a vacation, or as down payment on a vehicle.

  • What are the pros and cons of personal loans?


    The funds can be used on just about any emergency expense.

    Application is pretty fast, and can be completed online.

    Approval is quick too, and you might get it on the same day you apply.


    Unfortunately, the interest rate is very high, which can increase overall cost of the loan.

    You might not get the exact loan amount you need. At times, you have to settle for a smaller amount.

    If you fail to make payments on time, your credit score will plummets.

  • What does APR mean?

    Let’s say you have an annual interest rate of 10.5% on a loan of $5,000 over 36 months, as well as $60 in fees. With a representative APR of 11.3%, and monthly repayments of $162.51, the total amount repaid would be $5,910.44.

  • How much does a personal loan cost on average?

    Different lenders charge different rates, which can range from less than 3% to more than 36%. Best personal loans are generally associated with lower interest rates for those who have higher credit scores.

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